The product offers a selection of ingredients for the horse’s well-being:

  • Ascorbyl palmitate?(particularly active form of vitamin C),?polyphenols from lignocellulose and olive trees?,?fermented extract based on licorice and turmeric?.?These ingredients have antioxidant properties capable of neutralizing the excess of free radicals.
  • Arginine:??important amino acid with regulatory function of nitrogen metabolism
  • Betaglucans:??adjuvants of the phagocytic activity of monocytes, macrophages, neutrophils and NK cells
  • Egg powder:?intervenes in the maintenance of intestinal homeostasis
  • Glucosamine:??connective action between the epithelial cells of the mucosa


4Protect is a product that thanks to the combined action of the ingredients is supportive:

  • to the horse subjected to strong stress
  • to the mare after pregnancy and during breastfeeding of the foal
  • foal in the growth phase


  • Adult horse:?30 g per day
  • Mare?: 30 g per day 30 days before delivery and in the first 30 days after delivery
  • Foal / pony?: 15 g per day

To be mixed in the feed ration

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Weight 900 g


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