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BETA E PLUS is a product especially studied for athletic horses, based on vitamin E, selenium, glycine and betaine, which, as components of an anti-oxidizing system, are essential for horses undergoing intense athletic and muscular work. It is important to correct muscular functioning, for all cases of fatigue after exertion, to prevent muscular dystrophy and the accumulation of lactic acid and protecting tendons and ligaments.

The product stimulates oxygenization of tissues by regulating cell respiration phenomena, thus dowing the organism with greater endurance during exertion; it slows down onset of fatigue and increases immunological response to infectious diseases.


Vitamin E ? Betaine HCl ? Selenium ? Glycine


  • Adult horse:?1 pouch daily
  • Pre race: 1 pouch daily during the 6 days prior to race and 3 days thereafter

To be mixed with feed ration

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