Broncholipto is a liquid complementary feed. It is recommended to use Broncholipto to maintain respiratory physiological conditions. It contains herbs and vegetable extracts that are well-known for their balsamic properties.


When to use Broncholipto: Broncholipto can be used when horses need to maintain respiratory physiological conditions. It is the perfect product to use in between seasons or when temperature is particularly low, for in those cases the equine respiratory system is particularly vulnerable.

Properties of its constituents: Broncholipto contains propolis and extracts of mint and eucalyptus. In phytotherapy, eucalyptus and mint’s beneficial effects on the respiratory system are well-known (84). Propolis too exerts a beneficial action on the respiratory system. Moreover, scientific literature acknowledges that propolis has antiviral and antibacterial properties as well (89).

Instructions for use: Properly mix 5 cl (= 50 ml, corresponding to the first graduation mark of the measuring chamber) of Broncholipto per day with the daily ration, for at least 25 consecutive days.


Since each horse’s body has its own peculiarities, introducing feeds and complementary feeds in horses’ diets gradually is recommended.
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