Effydral Tablets – tablet


Effydral Tablets corrects dehydration, electrolyte loss and metabolic acidosis, particularly when these disturbances arise as a consequence of diarrhoea


Effydral is specially formulated to combat the symptoms and effects of calves suffering from scour and diarrhoea.

  • Blend of electrolytes and glucose that feed the calf and correct digestive upsets
  • Can be used for both mild and extreme stomach upsets
  • Can be mixed with both whole milk and milk replacer to ease calf back into full milk feed
  • Perfect first feed for bought in calves and calves that are under significant stress
  • Tablet formulation allows for fresh solution to be made before each feeding

The Effydral tablets corrects dehydration, electrolyte loss and metabolic acidosis. The tablet formulation allows a fresh solution to be made just prior to feeding. It is vitally important to use only clean water and equipment to prevent introduction of harmful organisms to the gut. Treatment should begin when a stomach upset is diagnosed. 2 to 3 litres of Effydral should be fed instead of whole milk or milk replacer. In the following days feed 1 or 1.5 litres of Effydral solution, mixed with an equal quantity of milk or milk replacer. Normal feeding can then usually be resumed. Effydral can be fed solely for a maximum of 4 days without harmful effects. Along with feeding Effydral ensure that calves have a constant supply of fresh water.

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