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Equitop Pronutrin a nutritional support to horses with symptoms of gastric stress reactions, such as: poor appetite, low performance, loss of appetite, weight loss, general depression, grinding of teeth, colic, increased salivation and supportive tick .Equitop Pronutrin can be given to horses before or during a participation in sporting events.It does not contain substances with a doping effect. Equitop Pronutrin contains 77% of Apolectol a patented blend of fibers derived from fruit and vegetables, glycerol and lecithin.


Equitop Pronutrin It can be administered to complete normal feeding: before or during periods in which high performances are required;before or during periods when high quantities of concentrated feed are administered;before or during the power change;when food consumption is reduced or the horse refuses to feed;before transportation;before or during the weaning of foals;?during conflict situations within the group;before surgery;in other situations where a greater supply of nutrients is needed to support the gastric mucosa.

Administer a daily dose of 50g of Equitop Pronutrin per 100kg of body weight for 2-4 weeks.This dosing regimen can be repeated if necessary.The dispenser included in the package contains 50g of feed.One package is sufficient for the treatment of a medium-sized horse for a period of 14 days.

  • Race horses: The daily dose of Equitop Pronutrin must be administered before the race or training.
  • Other adult horses: The daily dose of Equitop Pronutrin must be mixed with the usual ration of concentrated cereals or feed and divided equally between the daily meals.For example: if the horse is fed twice a day, mix half the recommended daily amount of Equitop Pronutrin in the morning ration and the second half in the evening ration.If the horse refuses to take Equitop Pronutrin, start with half the recommended daily dose and gradually increase the dosages over the following 2-3 days until the full daily dose is reached.
  • Foals: For still nursing foals, the recommended dose of Equitop Pronutrin must be mixed with 3 times the amount of warm water, allowing the feed to dissolve for 2-3 minutes.?Then administer directly into the animal’s mouth using a syringe or bottle
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