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The ingredients of Fast Pro act selectively on the complex mechanisms regulating  intestinal environment functionality. Birth, weaning, transportation, environmental conditions, intense training, sports activities and antibiotic therapies can create altered intestinal conditions, with different symptoms (ranging from a simple lack of appetite, to light abdominal pain, right up to loose stools and diarrhea).


These events do not always derive solely from purely pathological factors, but can be ascribed to factors that derive from situations of environmental or nutritional stress. Intense preparatory exercises, strenuous competition rhythms, qualitatively and quantitatively incorrect rations and unfavourable atmospheric events can contribute to the determination of alterations in the normal digestive processes, with serious repercussions in the intestine that can alter the normal balance of the intestinal microbial population (microbiota).

Fast Pro is a complementary feed, which has been formulated specially to bring the intestinal condition back to a normal level of functional efficiency. Its action is aimed at re-establishing the conditions that favour the balance between various microbial components, eliminating the production of toxins that are produced in situations of dysbiosis (altered balance of the microbial populations) wherever possible.

The product contains the following:

  • High quality stabilized yeasts: that favour the metabolic recovery of autochthonous intestinal microbial groups that can occupy their specific epithelial territories.
  • Fermented liquorice and lignocellulose hydrolysate: that eliminate excess oxidized radicals that form due to inflammatory processes, and block the activation of a number of proinflammatory cytokines.
  • Toasted cereals, beta-glucans obtained from fermentation: that neutralize a vast range of toxic substances produced by bacteria, that come from outside sources.
  • Presence of bacteria found in dairy products  (intestinal lactobacilli, even though inactivated):  that stimulate the re-formation of the altered intestinal microbial biofilm.
  • Inulin: that helps promote the growth of intestinal bifida, specially those residing in the colon.
  • Presence of specific plant-derived tannins (lignocellulose and chestnut extract):   that block the flow of fluids from the tissues to the intestinal lumen, a process that is triggered by the inflammatory processes, and eliminate or reduce the various stressors that can interfere with the correct functioning of the digestive system from the initial phases, which help the horse reach an optimum level of physical and humoral wellbeing.


  • Adult Horse/Broodmare: 60 g daily
  • Foal/ponies: 30 g daily

To be mixed with feed

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Weight 2000 g


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