Post work: 50 ml of syrup to be administered orally immediately after a period of work to break down toxins effectively and rapidly recuperate from fatigue
Maintenance: 50 ml of product to be administered daily mixed with feed for horses with tying up problems
Pre and post race: 50 ml 3 days before and 3 days after a competition to prevent/reduce muscular pain


NEUTRADEX plays an important role in restoring the acid-alkali balance by compensating muscular acidity caused by the excess of lactic acid produced in consequence of physical effort, resulting in fatigue and poor performance.
Short intense physical effort – in the lack of oxygen – produces CO2 and lactic acid and a consequent increase in fatigue. The use of citrate maintains low levels of acidity (citrate combined with carbon dioxide has a buffering effect) improving performances in the anaerobic phase too.

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