Union Bio Equitrauma Gel immediate relief


  • Promotes the reabsorption of edemas and hematomas;
  • Relieves pain and inflammation;
  • Indicated in case of intense physical activity, bruises, tears, tendinitis, sprains and surgical interventions.

EQUITRAUMA gel per infiammazioni muscolari distorsioni e traumi contusivi con arnica per cavalli.

EQUITRAUMA ? anche un efficace antinfiammatorio per cavalli. E’ considerato un rimedio interessante in veterinaria, poich? consente l’utilizzo per lunghi periodi senza effetti collaterali, evitando quindi l’uso di farmaci antinfiammatori per cavalli.
Gli effetti terapeutici sono paragonabili a quelli dei cortisonici senza presentarne le controindicazioni.

Ha un’azione simile agli antinfiammatori non steroidei interferendo con il metabolismo delle prostaglandine.
Prostaglandins are physiologically present substances in the human and animal organism endowed with multiple biological actions, above all with local mediation of the response to inflammatory states, determining the amplitude and duration of the inflammatory reaction with their local regulation of blood supply and control of vessel permeability (on which the formation of exudates depends).


Aqua, Arnica montana, Acacia, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate.

How to use:
Massage the affected part until completely absorbed.

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EQUITRAUMA gel for muscle inflammation, sprains and blunt trauma with arnica for horses.

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